Update on the status on fundraising and usage of donations for supporting people in Ukraine

April 2022
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As previously reported, connected to Ligmincha International’s Fundraising campaign, Ligmincha Hungary also published a fundraising call to provide direct assistance to those in need in Ukraine close to the border and for those who are fleeing from Ukraine to Hungary.

Thanks to the generous help of Ligmincha International and the international Ligmincha communities – such as Ligmincha Österreich, Ligmincha Finland, Ligmincha France & Suisse romande, Ligmincha - Peru - and through the support of individual international and national donors, by April 8, 2022, we had collected a total of HUF 3,690,000 (USD 10,600) in our separated bank account for donations. With the help of the donation received, Ligmincha Hungary directly helps those in need, affected by the occupation of Ukraine:

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  • Our organization is in contact with a Hungarian (VÁRDA Tradition Preserver, Cultural Association) and a Ukrainian (Gracious Foundation: Helping the Forgotten Children of Transcarpathia), as well as a wholesale company (Mary-Ker Kft.). From the latter we can purchase food at a discounted price. Through our sangha partner, we are also in contact with a non-governmental team that owns a truck and delivers aid to those in need at the border and in Transcarpathia on a fortnightly basis.
  • In this collaboration, Ligmincha Hungary has so far supported 2 shipments: On March 19, 2022, we could offer a portion of children's clothing. At that time, we visited Kisvárda personally and we crossed the border and visited Rát, Nagybereg and Nagyszőlős Hunarian speaking locations in Ukraine.
  • For the second time, on April 2, 2022, we contributed to the shipment with non-perishable foods in the value of nearly HUF 400,000 (USD 1,150), which we procured from Mary Ker Kft. Here the destinations were Munkács, Beregszász and Nagyszőlős, all in the territory of Western Ukraine.
  • We will continue to communicate and stay in close contact with the non-governmental organizations and groups mentioned above to always have up-to-date and exact information about what is needed the most, so we can procure food and other aids accordingly, and organize the biweekly shipment directly to locations where there is a shortage and need.
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    Our aim to provide continuous and long-term assistance even when people are “getting used” and becoming less sensitive to the news about the war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the crisis seems to prolong for a while, so those who are fleeing from the war now and those who will be fleeing later, are waiting and counting on our help in the future as well. Thank you!

    Reported by Balázs Balogh.

    You can read our earlier call here:

    Information on Ligmincha International’s fundraising campaign can be found here:

    We accept donations to our donation account, either by transfer or by PayPal:

    You can also contribute to the fundraising by purchasing books from Ligmincha Hungary:

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