Donate to support assistance and aid of refugees from Ukraine

Donations are welcome to the following separated bank account number:

Bank Transfer

  • Bank name: MagNet Bank
  • Account number: 16200151-18565937
  • IBAN number for transferring from abroad:
  • HU97 1620 0151 1856 5937 0000 0000
  • Bank address: Bartók Béla út 34, Budapest, 1114
  • Full name of beneficiary: Ligmincha Magyarország Bön Buddhista Egyesület
  • Address of beneficiary Budapest, Eszek str. 18.
  • Postal code: 1114, Hungary

Or via PayPal: (here you can also use a credit card!)

Please join us and let’s help together all those who are in need!

Thank you for your contribution.

Ligmincha Magyarország