The Five Elements

Our planet is as alive as it is sacred. And, the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space are not just natural resources but are fundamental aspects of a living universe. In fact, every experience one can have, from the sensations of one’s physical body, to the emotions, to the most fleeting of thoughts, is composed of the interaction of these five elements. The elements exist not only at a gross, physical level, but in many increasingly subtle forms. And each level has distinct qualities and effects.

At a physical level, the ongoing destruction and pollution of our global environment creates massive imbalance and provokes the spirits of nature, which can cause wide-scale disease, energetic disturbances, and mental obstacles. Harmonizing the natural elements, we harmonize our relationship with these the world.

Energetically, the elements are a fundamental aspect of primordial energy. As such, the five elements play an essential role in spiritual, emotional, and psychological well being. For example, too much earth element can make us feel dull, drowsy, or lazy and too much wind can make us intellectually scattered or emotionally unstable; but when earth is balanced in us it supports us to feel connected, secure, and confident; and wind energy drives us forward along the right paths of our lives.

At the level of mind, retrieving and connecting with the elemental essences in their pure forms of light supports the practice of contemplative meditation. For example, the water element brings comfort and joy to experiences of open awareness; when fully developed in spiritual practice, it is mirror-like wisdom.

Az Öt Elem