Sherab Chamma
Sherab Chamma - the Mother of Wisdom and Love, is a peaceful deity who is the source of wisdom. Her medicine is love and compassion.


Also known as Satrik Ersang in the language of Zhang Zhung, she is the principal female deity in the Bön tradition and among the highest deities in Bön, noted first among the Four Transcendent Ones (which include Shenlha Ӧkar and Tonpa Shenrap)­. Among Sherab Chamma’s many manifestations are the wrathful protector Sipé Gyalmo (Queen of Existence) and Yeshé Walmo (Wisdom Goddess).


Sherab Chamma is usually shown as yellow in color and is youthful in appearance. She sits atop sun and moon disks on a lotus throne. In her right hand, at the level of the heart, she holds a vase filled with the nectar of compassion. Her left hand holds the stem of a blossoming lotus, which supports the mirror of wisdom. This mirror reveals all passing phenomena as empty of inherent existence.