The Causal Vehicles of Bön from Choekhortshang Rinpoche

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Yungdrung Bön or Eternal Bön, is one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world and the indigenous religion of Tibet and Zhang Zhung. Its origins trace back very ancient roots from the teachings of Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche, the founder of Yungdrung Bön, about 18’000 years ago. Tonpa Shenrab bestowed countless teachings according to the multiple different capacities of all beings.

All of these teachings can be recognized within the so called Nine Ways Of Bön which are categorized into two branches: Causal Vehicles of Bön and the Bön of Fruition.

The Causal Vehicles of Bön address the student with teachings on healing, astrology, and divination and rituals to benefit the deceaseds. These methods are divided into four branches: teachings on medicine, ways to maintain the harmony amongst different species, methods to protect the community and funeral rituals.

The Causal Vehicles of Bön’s division is:

Cha Shen Thegpa (phya gshen theg pa), “The Way of the Shen of Prediction”. This way includes teachings on divination, astrology, rituals of prediction for luck and misfortune, medical diagnosis (urinoscopy) and predictions of death or of healing.

Nang Shen Thegpa (snang gshen theg pa), “The Way of the Shen of Visual World”. This way includes different rituals and rites such as: 1) Sel ritual which purifies the moral defilement and the obscuration caused by impureness; 2) Lue-ransom rituals to pacify evil spirits, obstacles and negative energies; 3) Performances of To rites that reconcile maliciousness and hostilities of earth-lords, nagas and mountain gods.

Trul Shen Thegpa (‘phrul gshen theg pa), “The Way of the Shen of Illusion”. This way guides in a variety of meditations and rituals to protect body, speech and mind which includes yidams, mantras and prayers. Specifically, this teaching guides to liberate those who became subjects of ten suitable factors to be liberated (bsgral).

Si Shen Thegpa (srid gshen theg pa), “The Way of the Shen of Existence”. This way deals introducing their nature of death to the consciousness that are roaming in the intermediate state caused by sudden death, reconnects the soul, mind and thoughts, and guides the consciousness to the blissful-land by purifying it’s karmic traces.

About Rinpoche

Geshe Choekhortshang Rinpoche is a Lama of the Bon tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He was born in Dolpo, a high mountain region of north-western Nepal bordering Tibet, in 1976, to an important local family. He is the head lama of Tashi Namgyal monastery in Dolpo.

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